Grow Achieve Soar – Mentoring and Tuition

Plans & Pricing

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1:1 Tuition

£ 40 1 hour one to one tuition
  • One Hour of online 1:1 tuition
  • Includes all the benefits of our unique tuition services
  • Access to our Acceleration Academy Support Resource Hub
  • Pay as you 'grow', add or scale back on lessons
  • Boost and enhance student learning when needed
  • Perfect for those that want to pay for tuition when needed
  • Great for those that want individual support

1 hour Group Tuition

£ 15-20 See pricing below
  • A consistent way to boost academic achievement
  • An affordable way to invest in your child's education
  • Personalised feedback after every lesson
  • Bespoke break out study rooms for 121 support
  • Fun engaging group learning
  • Individual support with any learning or homework task
  • No more than 4 students per class
  • A great way for catching up with gaps in learning

Download our free Mentoring Power Pack

Written with over fifteen years of teaching and mentoring experience, our free Mentoring Power Pack includes:

How to teach your child resilience: discover why resilience can be the game-changer to your child’s success.

7-day motivation booklet: a powerful booklet on daily affirmations to help your child develop a positive mindset and habits of success.

Ways to raise self-esteem: simple and effective ways that you can raise your child’s self-confidence and self-esteeem.