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Let's Start A Conversation

Supporting schools in promoting diversity, inclusion and representation in education.


 ‘Let’s Start A Conversation’ equips schools and young people to start and continue powerful conversations on diversity, inclusion and representation. 

It provides a safe and educated space to explore important topics not mandatory on the curriculum but essential for life outside of it.

‘Let’s Start A Conversation’ provides a platform for young people to ask questions and explore the complex issues surrounding race, identity and diversity.

Our aim is to support young people to develop skills of respect, appreciation and awareness of others in an informed and considered way.

Why it's important to collectively start and continue these conversations

Schools have the power to change student’s lives but also to influence opinion.

Young people’s ideas about race, identity and difference need to be explored and discussed within an embedded and consistent approach. 

To help our young people grow into rounded, well-informed citizens living in a diverse world, we need to start and continue important conversations on issues that impact them.

For a long time, parents, students and educators have felt that the British national curriculum is not as ethnically representative as it should be.

The pioneering move by the Education Secretary of Wales to introduce a new curriculum in 2022 of which Black British lessons are mandatory, reflects the recognition that change needs to happen. Schools can provide a safe and consistent space to challenge racial inequalities and assumptions. 

Our ‘Let’s Start A Conversation’ programme helps to do this.

All children will be taught about racism and the contributions of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities”

 Welsh Education Secretary 2021

How LSAC can

We know that schools want to ensure education is free from discrimination and bias but may need support to do this.

We partner with schools to help by offering workshops and training through three core modules;

Module 1: Exploring Identity, Race and Ethnicity

Module 2: Understanding Racism and Discrimination

Module 3: Celebrating Diversity

Our workshops are delivered by Jemma Roye, a qualified QTS and trained diversity consultant. 

Sessions can be delivered to KS1-KS5 students in assemblies, PSHE lessons, form time, academic enrichment or CPD sessions. We will work closely with your school to make a bespoke programme to meet your needs. We can deliver LSAC through stand-alone workshops or as a series of impacting sessions.

Message from Jemma

Founder of Grow Achieve Soar Academies

Let's Start A Conversation

‘Let’s Start A Conversation’ is a project close to my heart.

This initiative stems from a sincere passion to make a difference in the lives of young people and to help equip the next generation to go into a diverse world as people of understanding, respect and confidence.

It’s been inspired from the origins of my fifteen years of teaching, both in the independent and state school sector. It’s been created from the gaps I have seen in our UK education from being a minority student myself, to my many Head of Department roles, both pastorally and academically.

Let’s Start A Conversation is for everyone.

 It’s for all the students who want to know more than what is taught on the national curriculum about the richly diverse world around them.

It’s for the educators who can’t see the need for change, to those who are desperate for it.

It’s for parents who know it’s long overdue.

It’s a proposal to Schools, to ask you to give your students the chance to open up, start and continue these powerful dialogues.

Schools we are working with;


Engaging and thought-provoking sessions, students have fed back that they enjoyed the delivery of content which can often be difficult for them to speak about. Students enjoyed the range of clips used and the follow-up questions and input helped them to learn about the implications of language on how people feel and experience the world. A large number of students reported that they felt heard, one student, commented on how, for the first time living in England, she felt comfortable with her dual heritage and felt understood. An overwhelmingly positive experience that will be foundational in driving the school conversation forward with regards to race and inclusion. Thank you.

Talbot Heath School

Head of Inclusion and Enrichment

I would like to add my thanks for your excellent session yesterday. It was spot on and I had several colleagues approach me over the course of the day to say how much they enjoyed it and how they felt it has already started to prompt those conversations on which we need to build to ensure we have real action and change in the future. We are very much looking forward to working with you in the weeks and months to come.

Canford School


Thank you so much for the session, staff have been incredibly positive to us about it and I look forward to working with you further.

Parkstone Grammar

Deputy Head

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