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A bit about me..

Born and raised in London – now living in the New Forest – I’m passionate about education, having taught in independent and state schools for over 15 years. A strong believer that children should be taught in a way that benefits the individual.

As teachers we know every student isn’t suited to the same way of learning and as parents, we know life-long success comes from more than just exam results.

My growing frustration with the British education system’s results-driven focus, fuelled my determination to launch Grow Achieve Soar Academies. Giving parents and children online access to tailored tutoring, student-focused academic coaching and mentoring to promote good habits for continued mental health. 

A bit about GAS Academies…

GAS Academies gives students the tools and guidance to really shape their “growth” mindset, mastering techniques that enable them to question the narrative, articulate their thoughts, get under the skin of a problem and grow in confidence. From primary years up.


Alongside their subject tuition, every student is assigned their own personal mentor through our Accelerate Academy; someone who continually supports them; available for regular check-ins and 1:1 coaching.


We’re thrilled to see our students thrive and achieve incredible results, both in and outside the classroom.  It’s why we’re here: to help young people grow as learners, enquirers and thinkers. Achieve their potential and soar, ready for the next step.



100% of our students grow in confidence


95% of our students achieve or exceed their predicated grades


All of our students unlock their potential

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We equip students with the skills they need to feel confident approaching their studies. But we appreciate the structure of the British education system and performing well in exam conditions doesn’t suit every learner. 

That’s why we focus on giving students the tools to achieve their own personal potential with their studies, in whatever way suits them best.

Through academic coaching, mentoring and access to a wealth of expertly designed resources, students have the opportunity to GROW in self-belief, attitude and motivation towards their education.

Without it, academic achievement can be more challenging than it needs to be.


To ACHIEVE, students need guidance, support and the tools to help them shoot for success.

It gives them the edge. Empowered and confident to reach their full potential. The standard instruction of a subject tutor is helpful and does make a difference, but it can only go so far. The issues students deal with are often much more in-depth than just needing to improve subject knowledge. 

Having a personal academic coach who listens, understands and motivates the student throughout their education is powerful, for both parent and student. Giving parents added reassurance they are meeting the holistic needs of their child to achieve academic success.

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The British education system is embedded in the exam process.  Although many students can achieve academic excellence on their own, the exam process and rigid structure of the education system can restrict their ability to do it. Taking time to nurture the right mindset and with the appropriate toolkit to approach studies effectively, we’ve seen students not only achieve individual success, but SOAR in their education.  

Unlocking their potential.

Once unlocked, anything is possible.

Our belief is that every young person should have the oppourtunity to:

Grow: ‘To increase in size or amount, or to become more advanced or developed.

Achieve: ‘To succeed in finishing something or reaching an aim, especially after a lot of effort’.

Soar: ‘To increase or go up quickly to a high level’ 

                                                                                                      Cambridge Dictionary 


The educational activities are designed to ensure that all the pupils are carried along as they are continually engaged as they explore their learning. Most importantly, it is so much fun for the kids with enthusiastic tutors who make great interactive sessions thereby creating a sense of community among the kids. They have access to the parent support hub, mentoring hub and online resources. I would recommend to anyone that needs to engage their kids in a fun interactive online learning!!!



Amazing. To see how much my children are learning and also enjoying each lesson is just great. They look forward to their lessons every week. Highly recommend this company.



Our son has loved every bit of his Group tutoring sessions with GAS in English and Maths. Would highly recommend. The tutor/ support and learning is second to none. A real personal touch. Feedback given weekly, fun sessions. His Maths and English has dramatically improved in only a few weeks. Can't speak highly enough of Jemma and her team.

ST Coley