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Our 1:1 Tuition

Our unique tuition services will help unlock your child’s full potential.Our tutoring style stems from the sincere passion and commitment we have to help young individuals reach their potential. 

Unlike other tuition providers, we recognise that academic success comes from more than learning of the subject knowledge.

 We offer every parent and student that tutors with us automatic access to our unique and highly successful Acceleration Academy.

We use a carefully selected team of tutors that have been rigorously vetted and have demonstrated their love of teaching and helping young people.

Our tutor team is made up of highly experienced, qualified teachers.  We choose to keep our tutor team small to stay away from the ‘mass tutor culture’ that many leading tutor agencies practice because we believe this affects the quality of the tuition.

subjects we tutor in

Primary years
Other education
Primary years

  • Reception – Yr 6
  • SATS KS1
  • SATS KS2
  • 11+


  • Maths
  • English

Other education

  • Homeschooling
  • A-Level
  • EPQ
  • UCAS
  • Oxbridge


A bespoke learning programme

We carefully create an individualised learning programme for every student we work with. We liaise with schools and teachers and discuss in detail with parents the needs of each child.

Our goal is to create a personalised curriculum of study to help your child grow in confidence and unlock their potential.

Personalised recorded feedback

After every lesson, our tutors leave a personalised recorded report for parents to. This is left on a student’s individual tuition hub and is a detailed overview of the lesson.

The recorded feedback focuses on student progress, achievements and areas to work on. All of our feedback is delivered with a motivational and positive approach.

Our Student Progress Coordinator

Every 6 weeks,  parents will receive a deep dive call from our Student Progress Coordinator.

Working closely with you child’s tutor, our Student Progress Coordinator will talk you through how your child is doing and the steps we are implementing to support their academic progress. We will also provide a detailed academic review of your child’s learning.

Flexible times

We know how busy family life can be. We offer lessons at flexible times, 7 days a week. Our lesson can start at 7am right through to 7pm.

All lessons are recorded so students can watch back and use for their consolidation.

Individualised Homework

We use a unique online homework platform that is accessible and fun for students to use. 

Through our  homework platform   students are able to reflect on and consolidate their learning. Tutors are able to identify the strengths and areas to improve in student learning

Guaranteed results

Our tuition will get the results your child needs. Our qualified tutors are exceptional teaching practitioners and work hard to help your child achieve their goals.

Our clients are always satisfied with our service and every review we have is excellent.


1 in 3 parents in the UK will opt for a tutor for their child at some point in their education journey, usually around the assessment period of SATs, 11+, GCSE or A-Levels.With tuition in the UK averaging between £40-£70 p/hr, parents are making a huge investment in their child’s education

By choosing to tutor with us, you get the reassurance of getting so much more for your money by helping to release your child’s full potential.  You get the best of both worlds; Tuition & Academic Coaching for both you and your child.



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Simply register your interest in signing your child up for our tuition and one of our team will get back to you straight away.

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We’ll match you with the right tutor
We’ll carefully look through your needs & availability and then partner your child with one of our expert subject tutors.

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You’ll Instantly join the Acceleration
As soon as your first lesson is arranged, you and your child will automatically be able to access the Acceleration Academy and unlock all the incredible resources in both our Parent and Student Success Hubs.

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STEP four

Enjoy your online
We do all the work for you. We’ll arrange the lessons, help you get all set up and provide a detailed report from our tutor after each lesson.

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Our Pricing

1:1 Tuition

1 hour one to one tuition

  • Taught by qualified teachers
  • Bespoke learning path created for your child
  • Proven results for every student
  • Individual academic coaching
  • Lessons carefully tailored to your child’s needs
  • Unique homework platform to accelerate progress

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What our Customers say

Thank you!
My daughter is delighted with the lessons and so am I. We look forward to more learning and empowerment with our lessons with Grow Achieve Soar Academies.

Amina Duke-Azore


My son recently started with Grow Achieve Soar Academies and he looked forward and enjoyed every lesson. It was sensitively done as he could go into a breakout room to talk to his teacher privately if it was a bit tricky for him. I would find recommending Grow Achieve Soar a very easy thing to do.



Mrs Roye is an amazing teacher who is reliable and caring, always looking out for her students and wanting them to do the best that they can. I had a great experience taking part in her lessons, and with her teaching and guidance, my A-Levels were a lot more interesting and educational as a result. There are many positive experiences to be gained from Mrs Roye’s tuition – she is definitely one of the best teachers I’ve had during my time in education.

Anna Tang


I would like to thank the wonderful tutors of GAS for their continued support and guidance. Our son who can be quite shy, has really grown since connecting with his tutor. It’s great to see him eager to learn and looking forward to his sessions. I would also like to praise GAS for their professionalism. I feel they really do go above and beyond to cater to your child’s individual needs and teach them in a way that best suits them. As a first time Mummy with limited support, discovering GAS has been huge for our family, knowing that my son has another support in place eases the pressure. I do hope my son can continue to work with his tutor throughout his school years.

Christina Anderson


Download our free Mentoring Power Pack

Written with over fifteen years of teaching and mentoring experience, our free Mentoring Power Pack includes:

How to teach your child resilience: Discover why resilience can be the game-changer to your child’s success.

7-day motivation booklet: A powerful booklet on daily affirmations to help your child develop a positive mindset and habits of success.

Help to raise self-esteem: Simple and effective ways to help increase your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.