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How to talk to your child about #Black Lives Matter.

One of the core beliefs of Grow Achieve Soar Academies is that education is more than the learning of the National Curriculum.

We believe that education is also about the growth and self-development of young people.

One important way we feel this can be done is by educating our students about the world around them and ensuring their cultural capital

(knowledge of culture and current affairs) is developed.

It’s hard to ignore, at this present time, the highly emotive moment of Black Lives Matter. This is a cause close to our hearts as Grow Achieve Soar Academies and one that is impacting many people of all cultures, ages and backgrounds across the globe.

It may feel hard to talk to your children about sensitive issues especially one such as #BLM and race consciousness. However, it is an important conversation to have. Research shows that talking explicitly about race with children creates a more positive attitude about people of different races and cultures. 

The UK curriculum is extremely ethnocentric, so the conversations you have with your children will be a powerful form of their education and understanding of racial issues.

It’s okay to start talking to your child about race even if you feel you don’t have all the answers and it’s okay to start talking about race even if you feel you might get it wrong. The most important thing is that you start the conversation. Ignoring it or not talking about it adds to what is called ‘colour blindness’; the belief that racism is no longer an issue.

We have created a parent support guide below on how to start these conversations with your children.

We hope you find it helpful.

If we can be of any further support on this issue please feel free to contact us on info@growachievesoar.com


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