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Unlock your child's potential


Help your child to grow in their confidence


Give them the tools they need to succeed


Empower them to unlock their potential

We want to help your child to grow, achieve and soar

Why we are different

Our approach to tutoring is different. 

We believe that education is more than the learning of content and exam preparation.

It’s also about developing the right mindset for personal success and self- development.

Through our mentoring, we focus on developing the whole child. 

Through our tuition, we focus on raising subject confidence.

We equip our students with the skills needed for both academic achievement and personal growth.

This is what underpins academic success. 

No other tutoring service offers this.

Why offer your child anything less?


Maths Primary

1:1 & Group tuition available

Our Maths lessons are fun, personalised and aim to raise knowledge and confidence in an impactful way. We offer group lesson to students aged 6-11 yrs with a focus on KS1 & KS2 SATS.

English Primary

1:1 & Group tuition available

Features include raising spelling confidence and preparation for key assessments such as the KS1 & KS2 SATS. We also focus on developing Reading skills as an essential skills for academic progress.

Times Tables Mastery Academy

Multiplication is at the core of mathematics yet so many children
struggle with it. This class is specifically created to help students master this challenge and grow in confidence.

Maths GCSE

1:1 & Group tuition available

Taking GCSE's can be a stressful time. Maths GCSE is fundamental to future success. Many colleges, employers and universities require a minimum grade 4 so getting it right first time is crucial. Our GCSE Maths tuition is taught by experienced teachers with the aim to raise confidence and secure subject knowledge.

English GCSE

1:1 & Group tuition available

For some, GCSE English is challenging with juggling both subjects of English Language and English Literature.
Our GSCE English tuition is delivered by highly qualified teachers many of whom have led english departments. We teach English GCSE in an accessible and fun way, helping students to enjoy their learning whilst making excellent progress.

11+ Preparation

Our 11+ tuition aims to simplify the 11+ process through our accessible and affordable classes. Students follow a successfully proven 11+ programme offered in both the GL and CEM 11+ assessment structure. Alongside this we personally mentor and prepare students for interviews and managing the 11+ pressure.

Our unique mentoring

  • Our mentoring will nurture your child’s confidence and self-development, giving them the edge over others.
  • We will help your child through challenges and build their resilience and growth mindset.
  • Our workshops will equip your child with the tools needed for academic and personal success not taught in school.


  • You want a tutor for your child to help them improve in a subject at Primary, GCSE or A-Level.
  • But you want more from tuition than just a focus on revision and learning of the content. 
  •  You want to unlock your child’s potential, raise confidence and equip them with a toolkit of academic and personal success.

What our parents & students say

Download our free Mentoring Power Pack

Written with over fifteen years of teaching and mentoring experience, our free Mentoring Power Pack includes:

How to teach your child resilience: Discover why resilience can be the game-changer to your child’s success.

7-day motivation booklet: A powerful booklet on daily affirmations to help your child develop a positive mindset and habits of success.

Help to raise self-esteem: Simple and effective ways to help increase your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.